To classic car owners any year or model particularly police vehicles!
Would you would like to make your car/van available for occasional film/TV shoots and location work in the UK?

Please send in your registration details by email including the following.

Copy & Paste these headings into your email

Your name:
Phone contact:
Contact email:
Vehicle details:

Please include some details and condition of your car? If possible please attach some photos of your vehicle i.e. front, rear, both sides and interior. email to


APL-FilmCars can arrange to collect and deliver the vehicle to the location by suitable means depending on distance Where necessary transport will be provided by either the film company or APL-FilmCars. Insurance cover can be provided i.e. to and from the location and while on location. It may be possible to deliver the vehicle to the location yourself under your own cover. (note:contact your insurance company for clarification on this type of use?)
Please contact APL-FilmCars for more information.