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This is just a selection of the vehicles we have available.

APL specialise in providing vehicles for production companies. We also supply experienced co-ordinators to ensure all picture vehicles and action cars match their role expectations.

As well as classic cars for film and TV production we can provide cars for other events including photo-shoots, weddings, school proms and other advertising / PR work.

Please contact us for your classic car needs.

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A variety of pictures of our vehicles on-set

APL Film cars on-set

1950's - Wolseley 4/44 Police Car

 - Wolseley

1960's - Rover P6

Rover P6

1960's - Rover P6 Police Car

- Rover P6 Police Car

1970's - Vauxhall Viva police panda car

Vauxhall Viva from the 1970's

1970 - Austin 1300 Panda Car

1970 - Austin 1300 Panda Car

1970's - Rover P6

- Rover P6

1990's - Vauxhall Astra Police Car

Morris Oxford

1980's - Rover SD1 Police Car

1980's - Rover SD1

1984 - Rover SD1 Sussex Police

1984 - Rover SD1

1940's - Wolseley 8

1980's - Rover Metro Police Car

1990's - Rover 800 Police Car

1990's - Rover 800

Ford Focus Estate Police Car

1997 - Ford Fiesta

1970's - Ford Ambulance

 1970s ambulance

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